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Single Page Headers


No more limits! With the Kameleon Theme now you can have completely unique headers for every single page. We have raised the bar further and you can change the width, elements, colors and search style of any page header!

Header Types

With the large choice of headers, Now you can choose from ten pre-defined headers to be applied on any pages, more layouts coming soon!

Header Layout & Logo

You can also change the header layout width and the logo type either normal or transparent depending on your background color.

Header Colors

In addition of having a unique header layout we have raised the bar even further you can now change the colors and the header backgrounds. You can also enable or disable header features like “search icon”, “shop cart”, “slide widget area” or the “top header” section. Literally no limits!!

Header Search Styles

With kameleon you can now have a unique search style & layout on every page and for any header type, With a unique 5 layouts, You can choose the best for you!

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