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Custom Settings


The Kameleon theme new custom settings page is where you will have more advanced control of your website.

Code Editor

You can add custom CSS and JavaScript code using our Kameleon editor that contains the auto-complete feature so you will feel as you are using a real text editor. When you add a custom css or javascript code it will override all the code above it, so please be careful when you use this feature.

Sidebar Creator

No more sidebar limits with Kameleon Sidebar creator you can create unlimited sidebars as you wish. You can add or remove sidebars so you can have unique ones for every single page. Using Kamaleon theme will give you the freedom to do whatever you want in the way that will meet all you desired needs.

Google Maps API

With the new Google Maps API rules, now you must create an account in the google maps to obtain a unique API key. This key will allow you to add Google Maps elements to your pages with no problems. Please note that you cannot use the Map Visual Composer without your unique key.

Google Tracking Code

Now it’s easy to add some SEO to your website and improve the ranking of your site on Google search engine. Just copy your given Google Analytics code and past it to the given area. it will add the tracking code to the bottom of your website following the best practices given by Google.

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